Children photoshoot. Stevenage, Hertfordshire family and newborn photographer


  I know that your children are the centre of your world and will be for the rest of your life, whatever age they are.  Time goes so quickly!    

You often walk with your children in the park and think how great it would be to capture this moment on camera and put this photo in a frame. So let’s do it.

Kids outdoor photography shoots

 What do you need for an outdoor photo session? You need to choose a time that is convenient for the child and for the shooting. The best time to photograph children is when they are in a good mood. It is necessary to accept this and the time of day. My recommendation is to take photos before the sun is high, that is, at noon, to avoid harsh sun and ugly face shadows. Therefore, the best time, for example in summer, is before 10 am and after 5 pm. 

 Selecting appropriate clothes. You surely have a lot of clothes for a child, but not all of that is good for filming. Bright and catchy colours, with bright pictures, sparkles, etc. will look beneficial. It is better to go for more vintage clothes or more modern clothes in calmer shades: beige, cream, blue, pink, blue and brown. Examples can be seen in my gallery. If you are shooting the whole family, it is very good when the whole family is in the same style. 

 Everyone loves gifts and surprises. Usually before shooting, so that the child is more disposed of, I advise parents to promise something pleasant, that the child will get if they behave well. It may be their favorite food, or a long-awaited toy. I also bring along my vintage suitcase full of toys that are perfect for potographing. You can also take apples or a beautiful big lollipop that will look great in the frame. 

 Trust the photographer and your child. Give your child creative freedom during the shooting proccess. Let the photo session be fun for him. Do not be afraid that the child will not pose. Just let him or her do it and not offer to follow the instructions without a question. The best shots are made only when the children are liberated and trust the photographer.